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Best Practices for Supporting Your Student During Exam Week

Students at Fenwick Library

Summer is right around the corner and many students are busy wrapping up the semester with final exams, papers, and projects.  Because this time of year can be particularly demanding for students, we have provided you with several different ways to help your student manage stress during finals week.

Learning Services
During final exams students often feel overwhelmed by their workload.  Encourage your student to visit Mason’s Learning Services website to gather techniques on how to best manage their time and study most efficiently.  Learning Services also offers a variety of workshops for students to help manage stress levels such as sessions focusing on exam strategies, managing performance anxiety, and overcoming procrastination.  Click here for a full list of available academic skill workshops.

Study Locations
Many students are spending long hours studying and writing papers during this hectic time of year.  Encourage your student to utilize the extended hours of the libraries and Johnson Center as safe study spaces on campus.  Students can also reserve group study rooms in the libraries as well as the Johnson Center by clicking here.  If your student lives off campus, encourage him or her to visit the 24-hour Off-Campus Finals Study Lounge located in George’s Restaurant, located on the top floor of the Johnson Center between May 7 and May 15.

Care Packages
Show your student some extra love during this stressful time of year with a care package subscription from Co-Ed Supply.  Every month Co-Ed Supply will deliver a big orange box filled with healthy snacks, personal care items, school supplies, and entertainment products that are sure to put a smile on your student’s face.  Visit for more information.  Make sure to use promo code GEORGEMASON to receive $10 off your first order!

De-Stress Fest
Every year the Office of Student Involvement hosts a week of events to help students de-stress before finals.  This year, De-Stress Fest will take place between April 28 and May 2.  Visit for more information on the week’s events and encourage your student to attend for several opportunities for free refreshments, exam kits, and fun ways to relax before exams.

With all of the demands the end of the semester brings students often struggle to manage stress levels.  Please encourage your student to take advantage of these activities in order to relieve stress and power through the final weeks of the semester.

Rebecca Kurihine
Graduate Assistant
Orientation and Family Programs and Services