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Bookstore Updates for the Fall

Fall for the Book Civil War panelWith the ongoing coronavirus pandemic affecting us all, we are strongly encouraging students to purchase their textbooks and course materials online through the George Mason Bookstore for home delivery before arriving to campus. This will ensure that your student receives their required books in a timely manner, while keeping them safe, as large crowds typically visit the bookstore at the beginning of each semester. In order to maintain social distancing protocols, the bookstore will limit the number of customers that can come into the store at a given time.

Once your student has registered for classes, they can easily purchase their textbooks online at, the official Bookstore of George Mason University. After ordering, students should choose to have the textbooks shipped to their home. The in-store pickup option will not be available for online orders until just before school starts. For peace of mind, the George Mason Bookstore provides a full refund for all Fall 2020 textbooks through Monday, August 31. If your student drops a class, they have until Tuesday, September 22, with proof of a schedule change to receive a full refund. All materials must be in original condition.

Easy steps for students to get their full customized Fall 2020 textbook list in under 2 minutes!

  • Login to Patriot Web
  • Select the Student Services tab
  • Select Registration
  • Select Purchase Textbooks
  • Select Go to Bookstore Website at the bottom
  • Choose from the available format list for each title (new, used, rental, digital – if a format is not listed, it is not available in that particular format)
  • Follow the normal online checkout procedures and enter personal information and payment type.

Tips for convenience and peace of mind:

  • Refunds: The deadline is August 31. Students should not open shrink-wrapped packages or access any online access codes until they are 100% sure about these items.
  • Convenience: Beat the traffic and stay safe. Students can have their books shipped to their home and move in with them already in hand!
  • Convenience and cost: Students can choose the format they prefer. Used copies are 25% cheaper than new. Rental and digital pricing is based on the demand of each individual title (see available format prices on our website). Rentals can be considerably cheaper. Books should be returned by December 16.
  • Course Materials Pending: When placing an order, if the course says “Course Materials Pending,” that means the bookstore has not received any book information from the instructor. Students can still place an order, and once book information has been received, their order will be filled.

Jack Smith
General Manager
George Mason Bookstore

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