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Career Services is here for your student all summer

The past year has been a busy one for your student who has been researching and writing papers, working on projects, studying for exams and participating in team meetings. In addition to attending classes, they have been involved in campus organizations, making friends and meeting new people. However, when you ask your student about where they are in regard to selecting a major, finding an internship, or setting up a career plan, you may get a blank stare.

If this sounds all too familiar, consider that summer is a perfect time for your student to explore majors and career fields, start the search process for a job or internship, or update a resume. Oftentimes, students think that University Career Services (and other student offices on campus) are closed over the summer, when in fact we are open and ready to help your student create a plan for their next steps!

Finding a career is not always an easy process, but we are here to partner with your student through each stage. We offer support through all aspects of finding and securing a job or internship. We meet your student where they are. We start by helping your student identify their skills and interests and then determining careers that could be an ideal fit. We can also introduce your student to our job and internship database, Handshake. We can guide them in writing a targeted resume and cover letter, researching employers, industries, and occupational trends.

If your student will be in the Fairfax area over the summer months, encourage them to stop by our office, located in Student Union Building I, Room 3400, to learn more about the resources and services we offer.

If your student is not in the Fairfax area this summer, no need to worry! We are available to students by phone or WebEx as well. Encourage your student to check out for more information.  We are always available by phone as well (703) 993-2370.

Carolyn Kleiman
Career Counselor
University Career Services

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