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Encourage your student to apply to be a Patriot Leader

Patriot Leader Recruitment
Each summer, as a new group of students and family members prepare to join the Mason community, a group of students known as the Patriot Leaders work hard to prepare and welcome everyone into the Mason Family. The Patriot Leader team helps make new students and their families feel at home here at Mason while sharing a glimpse of the Mason spirit. These students demonstrate leadership qualities both inside and outside the classroom and are passionate about helping students and families acclimate to the college environment. Patriot Leaders spend a lot of time assisting others in their transition to Mason, and should also have a desire to further their own personal leadership potential and individual growth.

At Mason, orientation is a university-wide event that brings a variety of offices and academic stakeholders together. Serving as a Patriot Leader allows students the ability to network with individuals from across campus while developing key professional competencies like teamwork, collaboration and communication.

Orientation and Family Programs and Services is looking for students who fit this description and are ready to grow professionally while assisting students and families with this important transition to Mason. The application to be a Patriot Leader, as well as more information about the role and expectations, can be found at The deadline to apply is Monday, November 27 at 9 a.m. If you think your student would be a good fit for this role, encourage them to apply!

Rob Miller
Coordinator for Orientation and Student Leadership Team
Orientation and Family Programs and Services