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Encourage your student to register for career education courses

Mason makes it possible for your student to get closer to their career goals while earning academic credit. Encouraging them to enroll in career courses is a way you can help your student to develop and pursue a career plan. Our robust Career Education Program provides in-depth career guidance for students at all stages, from exploring majors and career options, to preparing for the transition to the world of work.

This spring, Mason students can select from the following flexible courses (including online and accelerated options):

Explore majors and careers to help choose and decide how to use their degree with Decide/Confirm Major (UNIV 220), for second-semester freshman or sophomores. Mason students say:

  • “If you are unsure about your major, this course helps you combine your passion with your skills and reach a decision.”
  • “This course helped me learn about the opportunities Mason has to offer and it also helped me declare my major. I wish other students could also take this course.”

Pursue internships and gain other relevant experiences with Internship/Career Readiness (UNIV 320), for sophomores or higher. Mason students say:

  • “If you are struggling with finding an internship, this class will help you find one.”
  • “I would recommend this to any student who is interested in gaining the skill set required to find an internship in their field of interest.”

Set goals and market themselves for a job or a career after Mason with College to Career (UNIV 420), for juniors and seniors. Students with majors in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHHS) should also consider enrolling in a degree-specific College to Career course through CHSS. Credits for these courses may vary. Mason students say:

  • “I firmly believe this class can be the difference between employment and unemployment for recent graduates.”
  • “In terms of help for my career, I got more from this one-credit course than I got from almost any of my other courses.”
  • “I believe all seniors should take this course. I am glad I did!”

Research, select, and apply for graduate and professional programs with College to Graduate School (UNIV 421), for juniors and seniors. Mason students say:

  • “I learned everything I needed to know about preparing for graduate school.”
  • “This course allowed me get second opinions and create connections with people in my field through the mock interview and the informational interview I conducted. I am very satisfied with what I got out of it.”

Prepare for workplace realities by building skills employers demand with Developing your Professional Edge (UNIV 422), a one-credit course for graduating seniors. Mason students say:

  • “Everything I learned in this class was very helpful for me now and in my future profession, and I will be sure to recommend this class to some of my friends!”
  • “All in all, I learned an incredible amount during my time in this course, and I know I am ready to now join the work-force in full stride knowing I have (mostly) developed the career competencies we were taught.”

If your student is interested in enrolling in any of the above courses, more information is available on University Career Services’ website at

Rachel Lindsey
Assistant Director
University Career Services

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