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Engage with Mason Virtually

At Mason, we are dedicated to serving our parents and family members as you support your student on this collegiate journey. Although we are unable to provide events in person the way we normally do, we have provided ways for you to engage in a virtual environment.

For our new Mason families, when your student registers for their Virtual Orientation, ask them to sign you up as a Guest so you can receive pertinent information regarding Virtual Family Orientation. If your student registered for Orientation but did not sign you up as a guest, or they already attended Orientation, you can still access the Virtual Family Orientation materials on our website.

There is so much to explore at Mason! Whether you are new to the Mason Family or an experienced family member looking for a refresher on a specific topic, visit Family Orientation 2020 to discover videos and information about important requirements, campus resources and opportunities at Mason for you and your student.

Another helpful guide is New Student Resources, which hosts essential information for incoming Mason students. Recommend this resource to your new student so they can begin to learn the lingo, explore Mason, and access tools to assist in their development and success.

In addition to material that you and your student can engage in on your own time, we are holding live events that you can log into in real time, ask questions, and follow up on the topics covered. Space is limited, so we recommend registering in advance. Note: Incoming students and their families are the intended audience for these Live Q&A Sessions. More live sessions will be available in the fall for all families.

For more family resources, visit or contact New Student and Family Programs at and (703) 993-2475.

Rebecca McCrory
Associate Director of Family Programs
New Student and Family Programs

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