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Everything You Need to Know for Residence Hall Move-Out

Shenandoah neighborhood

This time of year can be extremely hectic as students cram for exams and arrange plans to leave campus for the summer.  Therefore, we have compiled information to help you and your student living on campus plan for summer break.  For additional information please visit

All students must move out of their on-campus housing assignment within 24 hours of their last final or by Thursday, May 15 at noon, whichever comes first.  Exceptions to this timeline include:

  • Graduating seniors
  • Students officially participating in Commencement (band members, volunteers, etc.)
  • Students living in summer housing for summer school or internships
  • Essential campus employees, Patriot Leaders and conference staff

Students seeking an exception (including those staying for the reasons listed above) must apply for an extended stay.  The extended stay application is available here (link “here” to:  Graduating students must move out by May 17 at 6 p.m.  Students living on campus for the summer will move in to their summer space (with a few exceptions) on May 18.

Students have two options for check-out: standard check-out and after hours check-out.  With both options Housing and Residence Life staff will evaluate the condition of the room/unit and charges will be assessed to residents for damages or cleanliness issues.

Standard Check-Out
Standard check-outs occur from 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.  All students will complete a standard check-out with a Resident Advisor, unless their check-out time needs to occur after hours.  During the standard check-out students will be present with the Resident Advisor during the room inspection to assess damage and cleanliness.  Students should attend their floor meetings to discuss specific check-out procedures for their neighborhood.

After Hours Check-Out
After hours check-outs are only available from 10 p.m. – 9 a.m.  If a student needs to complete their check-out process after hours they can request this process with staff.  To request an after hours process the student should set up a pre-check meeting with staff during standard check-out hours.  During the pre-check meeting the RA will go over the condition of the room, discuss any issues, and answer questions that the student may have.  Once the student is ready to check-out of his or her room, he or she will go to the neighborhood desk location to complete their check-out paperwork.  Staff will then do a final walk-through of the room and complete the room condition report during standard check-out hours.  Students who participate in an after hours check-out waive their right to appeal charges if the room/unit/common areas are found to be damaged or not sufficiently cleaned.

Parking and Loading Vehicles
Parking and loading vehicles can also be a bit hectic during move-out.  Once a student is ready to load his or her vehicle, he or she can go to the specified neighborhood location to get a loading pass.  These one-hour loading passes will allow students and families to park in designated areas for ease of move-out.  Please note that Parking and Transportation will continue to ticket vehicles that are left beyond the one-hour limit or are in a space that is not designated for move-out.

We encourage students to complete their move-out early in the morning or in the evening to avoid traffic and to have greater access to moving bins.  For additional information, please visit

Melissa Thierry
Assistant Director of Housing Services
Housing & Residence Life