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Fall registration prep: Consult an academic advisor

Pre-registration for the Fall 2020 semester is right around the corner – undergraduate students begin to preregister the first week in April! Students can find registration assignments on the registrar’s website, and your student can visit Patriot Web to verify their registration time ticket, check to ensure their record is free from holds, and prepare by scheduling a meeting with an academic advisor. Your student can request an appointment with an advisor in person or by e-mail, phone, or through the online appointment system.

Encourage your student to reach out to an advisor early to increase the availability of meeting times prior to registration. If your student is unsure of how to contact an advisor, they can consult the advisor locator.

Before meeting with an advisor, your student can consult several Mason resources to review planning sheets, course offerings and degree requirements. These resources include:

Academic Planning SheetsThis resource is especially helpful if your student has not declared a major.  The academic planning sheets can help your student review degree requirements in the various majors. They are located at:

Patriot WebBy utilizing Patriot Web, your student can view their transcript and review the degree evaluation. Instructions for accessing the degree evaluation planner can be found on the University Registrar website.

Plan for Fall 2020: Also on Patriot Web, your student can plan their fall 2020 semester schedule by reviewing the course offerings. This information is found in the Student Services section.

Encourage your student to participate in Registration Awareness Week: Registration Awareness Week is a campus-wide initiative established by academic advisors and is administered by a collaboration of academic advisors and Student Government. The primary goal is to raise awareness of undergraduate course registration for the next semester and promote meeting with your major academic advisor. Exploratory and undeclared students will meet with their success coaches within the Mason Care Network.

This spring 2020 semester Registration Awareness Week will run from March 16 – 20. During this time there will be kiosks at the Johnson Center and Southside with academic advisors and student volunteers present to answer questions about registration.

If your student has questions about the registration process, encourage them to visit the registrar website or contact their academic advisor to learn more. Remember, students who register on time get better opportunities to get the classes they need!

Sarah Squire
Advising Coordinator
Undergraduate Education

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