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Help Your Student Gain Resilience

In 2016, Mason introduced the Resilience Badge, a co-curricular student offering to help students better understand their resilience. Students learned strategies for enhancing resilience and were encouraged to leverage the skill in all areas of life. Successful completion of the free, in-person program resulted in the student earning a digital credential. Many students completed this boutique program over the years and offered uniformly positive feedback.

With the strong response and an ever-increasing need for resilience, the program was overhauled to make it even more relevant and more interactive. In hopes of bringing this to students who are busy managing academic work alongside countless other responsibilities, the new and improved Resilience Badge launched in September 2020 as a fully asynchronous experience in Blackboard. Students can now complete this at their own pace with no in-person requirements.

Each of the six modules takes approximately one hour to complete and provides opportunities for self-inquiry and skill-building. In addition, students are exposed to the variety of circumstances in which others must engage resilience and the variety of ways to engage. While attention is focused on deepening individual resilience, this is with the much larger goal of benefitting Mason Nation’s community resilience. As before, successful completion results in the student earning a digital credential.

Learn more about the program:

An information session will be offered for students via Zoom on Monday, October 19 from 5-6 p.m. Let your students know about this opportunity!

Katie Clare
Associate Director
Center for the Advancement of Well-Being

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