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Help your student prepare for spring course registration

Group advisingIt’s that time again! Registration for the Spring 2018 semester opens for undergraduate students on Thursday, November 9. The schedule of registration times is as follows:

November 9: Seniors
November 13: Juniors
November 15: Sophomores
November 17: Freshman

Encourage your student to visit Patriot Web at to verify their registration time and check for any holds that may prevent registration.

If your student has not yet done so, suggest they meet with their academic advisor to review courses for Spring 2018. They can find the location of their academic advisor by visiting

Student-athletes should have received a course registration form from either their coach or athletic academic coordinator that requires a signature from their academic advisor. Your student is strongly encouraged to meet with their advisor as soon as they receive the form. The longer your student waits to meet with their academic advisor, the less likely they will get the necessary paperwork completed by any related deadline due to the high volume of academic advising for all undergraduate students.

If your student receives an unsatisfactory grade during the fall semester, they can repeat the course. Some courses allow a limited number of attempts, and if that is the case, it will be stated in the course description in the catalog at All attempts will remain on the transcript as part of your student’s official record. However, once repeated, the grade earned in the most recent attempt at the class will be the one factored into your student’s overall GPA. Any previous grades for that course will be excluded from the GPA calculation.

For additional advising resources for your student, visit or contact the Center for Academic Advising, Retention and Transitions at (703) 993-2470. For a step-by-step registration guide, encourage your student to visit

Jonathan May
Associate Director
Center for Academic Advising, Retention, and Transitions