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Leadership opportunities for your student

At the Leadership Education and Development Office (LEAD), we believe that everyone has the potential to be a leader, not only those in leadership positions. We help students to develop as effective, ethical leaders through a series of workshops, conferences, classes, speakers, dialogues, and retreats. Our programs provide opportunities to develop a strong sense of self, augment critical thinking and interpersonal skills, develop global and cultural competencies, and cultivate organizational skills for transition into the professional world. We’d like to take a moment to tell you about the many great opportunities we have available for your Patriot.

Upcoming Opportunities
Although most of the events below have been cancelled, these are possible opportunities your student can take advantage of next spring!

Leadership Summit (March 21, 2020)
The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Office and Contemporary Student Services are pleased to host this year’s Mason Leadership Summit at George Mason University, specifically designed for Mason students who identify as adult learners (25 years old and up) and students who identify as parents (any age).

Participants will learn practical ways to further develop as leaders in multiple contexts (career, family, community, etc.), whether they have a formal leadership position or not. The summit will focus on personal and professional leadership skill development through both large and small group experiences. Students will broaden their perspectives on leadership and engage with other adult learners and student parents through practical and applied leadership skill development. If your student is interested in participating in the Leadership Summit, they can register online at:

Community Engagement at Hampton Middle School (Multiple Dates)
On March 27th, we will host the Hampton Husky Mason Patriot Teen Night at Hampton Middle School.  Hampton Middle School is a Title 1 school (more than 75% are living in areas of high poverty) situated in Prince William County. Throughout the year, the LEAD Office coordinates various efforts for community and student engagement such as leadership workshops and half-day leadership conference that takes place at Mason for the middle school students. The Teen Night is a chance for students at Hampton Middle School to connect and engage with Mason students, participate in fun activities and games, and much more. If your student it is interested, there are still a few spots open for volunteers! For more information, visit:

LeaderShape Institute Retreat (May 18-21, 2020)
Students and staff will gather at The Bishop Claggett Center in Buckeystown, Maryland for The Institute, a very powerful and life-changing off-campus residential leadership development experience. A Mason student explains the remarkable impact of this experience: “The Mason LeaderShape Institute embodied what George Mason University stands for, a message that takes some students their entire college career to learn, freedom to grow and discover the numerous possibilities in the world, and learning how being a leader is something anyone can accomplish if they ‘have a healthy disregard for the impossible.’” The deadline apply is March 27th! For more information and to apply visit:

Visit Spain: International Leadership Field Study Program (May 2021)
It’s not too early for students to start planning ahead for an amazing experience in Spain. During the medieval era, part of what is now Spain was ruled by an Islamic civilization called Al-Andalus. Muslims, Christians and Jews collaborated and lived together relatively peacefully for hundreds of years. However, this history is also contested.

What can today’s students learn from the history of this region of Spain? This faculty-led field study program (3 credits) will help prepare students to be more effective, ethical leaders by introducing them to historical examples of conflict, cooperation and collaboration across difference in Spain. We will examine the history of this region with a specific focus on what we can learn about ethics and leadership across difference that is applicable to students and life today. For more information, please visit:

Lisa Snyder
Associate Director
Leadership Education and Development

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