Mason Family Flash

My daughter chose Mason — and to live at home.

Hello Mason Families! My name is Julie Puckett, and I am a member of the Mason Parent and Family Council. My daughter Wren is a rising sophomore at George Mason.

Starting her freshman year in high school, Wren and I went to local college fairs, and we visited universities when we were out of town. Her senior year, she applied to many colleges and got accepted to all of them. I constantly reminded her the whole world was open to her. She chose Mason, and she chose to live at home since we only live eight miles away from campus.

Is your Mason student living off campus? Below are my tips to being a parent or family member of a Mason off-campus student:

  • Try not to nag them about projects and assignments. Wren takes 16 credits each semester. She also works 20 hours a week. She stays busy, and I bet your student will, too.
  • Encourage your student to use the amazing campus resources. Wren eats on campus, uses the library daily and meets up in the Johnson Center for group projects. She visits Patriot Tech and the University Bookstore regularly for assistance and supplies.
  • Off-Campus Student Services is a great resource for students living off campus. They give off-campus students the resources they need to be academically and socially engaged in the Mason community, and the Off-Campus Student Advisors plan events and programs to meet their specific needs.
  • Be familiar with the traffic patterns. Traffic in Northern Virginia is among the worst in the nation. Wren has learned to give herself extra time when traveling to campus, especially for classes where the professor does not admit late students.

Wren made the practical decision to go to Mason and live at home. I am enjoying the benefits of watching her independence grow, while still seeing her every day — even if only for a few minutes.

Additionally, as a member of the Parent and Family Council, I have had the opportunity to become an actively engaged, informed member of the Mason community by serving as an ambassador for the university and to other Mason families. If this is an opportunity that interests you, I encourage you to apply anytime between now and Sunday, September 30 at

Julie Puckett
Parent and Family Council