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Opportunities for Virtual Family Support

Family engagement is a key part of student success, and we recognize the important role you play in your student’s development and success at Mason. We are committed to supporting and engaging you through our Virtual Family Initiatives outlined below.

Academic Support
Academic Advisors, Success Coaches, Learning Services and Transition Courses are available to your Mason student, and these staff members and offices want to help you support your student’s learning. More information and resources will continue to be added to throughout the fall semester.

Live workshops with key offices
Live workshops with key offices have been scheduled throughout the fall semester to help you support your Mason student. Content-area experts will provide tips, advice, and available resources, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions. Register now at

Peer-led support 
The Mason Parent and Family Council will lead peer-led support live sessions this semester that provides a space focused on family-to-family conversation and how to support each other and your students on this virtual collegiate journey. Register now at 

Resource Videos
Various university offices are recording videos to highlight a resource or service available to your student and providing more information about how you can help your student take advantage of all that Mason has to offer. New videos are in the editing stages and will be uploaded soon.

Well-Being Bulletin
Your student’s individual and collective well-being is vital, and during this at-risk time, it’s important that your student be proactive in taking care of their health. Throughout the fall semester, tips for how the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being can support your Mason student’s well-being will be included in our Mason Family Flash weekly e-newsletter and then posted to for your reference.

Additionally, if you participated in our Virtual Fall Family Kick-Off event on August 17, many of the presentation slides have been added to

If you have any questions regarding our virtual family initiatives, please contact New Student and Family Programs at or (703) 993-2475.

Rebecca McCrory
Associate Director of Family Programs
New Student and Family Programs

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