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Parent perspective of graduating student

My daughter, Kayla, is graduating this spring as a member of the Class of 2020. Due to our current social distancing and the global impact of COVID-19, the graduation celebrations will look different from our traditional expectations. While this can be disappointing, I have been able to appreciate our health and time that we have together in a new light.

My family still plans to celebrate Kayla’s achievements and mark this four-year journey. As a parent this checks off a significant box on their life journey checklist, or as they say today “Adulting.”  How do you plan on marking the occasion? Take photos, some students already have their regalia. Have a special meal or plan a fun activity of the graduate’s choice.

I am thankful for the experiences Kayla has been able to have at Mason. I am sure her experiences are not much different from your Mason student. She found her peer and social group in the Green Machine (Pep Band). Though she doesn’t play an instrument, she learned how to be a sound engineer by apprentice methods. She gained work experience on campus working for the Admissions office and giving tours with the Mason Ambassadors. She also had a couple of great summer internships in the metro region that gave her real world experience in the marketing field.

Although it may be a difficult time to find a job or start a career, I have encouraged Kayla to explore the University Career Services website and make an appointment to review resumes, attend virtual career fairs, network (professors, alumni, any way she can), use any and all tools (Linkedin, HandShake and PeopleGrove), and apply for jobs and follow up with Thank You notes.

Best wishes to all the Patriots graduating.

Patriots for life,

Jen Shelton ‘94
Parent and Family Council member
GMU Alumni Association President

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