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Parent Perspective: What’s up with the Mail Hub?

The Mail Hub is a well-oiled, efficiently run machine for the 36,000 students at Mason. But to appreciate that fact, one has to understand the mechanism behind the mailroom.

Every student living on campus has the same address of 4450 Rivanna River Way; Fairfax, VA 22030, with each student receiving a unique four-digit mailbox number. Your student will keep that same code as long as they are living on campus.

To send your student mail, write their name as it is printed on their Mason ID and write perishable if needed. Did you know that mail is not delivered directly to the Mail Hub? Instead, it is delivered to the Fairfax Post Office, which is five miles away. Monday through Friday, mail is sorted at the Post Office and brought once a day to the Mason Mail Hub where it is sorted again. There are no deliveries on the weekends.

Students are notified via their Mason email account if they receive a package. Included in the email is a locker number and a code to access the locker. It is your student’s responsibility to retrieve their package within a reasonable period of time and not the Mail Hub’s responsibility to send reminder notices. Learn more about managing your packages at

Students are not notified if they receive a letter. Each student has a file folder designated for them with received letters. Students must go the Mail Hub’s front desk and ask if they have received any letters. Important: If a family member sends their student a card with $20 in it, please notify the student and tell them to be on the lookout for the card. When students move out in May, many will realize they have letters dating back to August.

Please be kind and patient with the Mai Hub at the beginning of each semester. Many students are having packages mailed to them. The Fairfax Post Office and the Mail Hub, even with their staff of 10, are swamped dealing with the excessive amounts. Mail could be delayed up to two weeks at the start of each semester.

Mail Hub staff members are friendly and helpful. If you feel a package has not been delivered properly, call (703) 993-2845.

Beth Lang
Parent and Family Council