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Patriot Experience: Growth beyond the classroom

Did you know that students who become engaged with their campus community are more likely to be successful during their time at Mason? Mason offers thousands of programs and events on campus every year, which might seem overwhelming for students as they try to navigate all of the opportunities on campus. The Patriot Experience is here to help make the transition to campus much smoother for students and help them become successful Mason graduates!

The Patriot Experience is a self-paced co-curricular program designed to help students maximize their time at Mason. The program provides amazing opportunities for students to grow, become a well-rounded student outside of the classroom, and find their place within the Mason community and beyond. Additionally, the program also enables students to discover opportunities and resources on campus as well as ways to be more engaged with the campus community.

The Patriot Experience carefully organizes Mason’s events, activities, leadership opportunities, and programs on campus into three categories; Develop Your Dream Career, Change the World, and Live Your Best Life. These categories are designed to provide a structured framework for students to get involved in an area they are passionate about, develop crucial soft skills along the way, and take advantage of the events, programs, and organizations Mason has to offer.

The Patriot Experience will be available on the Mason360 student engagement platform. Upon enrolling in the program, students will receive instructions on how to begin the Patriot Experience, track their progress, and receive the latest news and updates on the program. Additionally, students get to win exclusive Patriot Experience merchandise when they participate in various challenges throughout the academic year.

Students can download a comprehensive involvement record at any point within the program to show all of their Mason co-curricular experiences. This record can be used during job or graduate school interviews to showcase the many ways they were engaged in the community throughout their Mason career.

For more information, visit To stay updated on upcoming events, follow us at @masonpatriotexp on Facebook and Twitter, and @patriotexperience on Instagram. If you have any questions, please email

Adrienne Thompson, Ph.D.
Mason Care Network

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