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Patriot Success Survey is Now Open

There are a number of initiatives in place across campus to help students thrive at Mason. One of these efforts is Patriot Success, an initiative that includes an online survey that helps us learn both about students’ experiences at Mason and about their academic behaviors and skills. Data from the Patriot Success survey, coupled with a student’s college entry characteristics (e.g., standardized test scores, high school GPA), provide an early indication of whether a student is at risk for poor academic performance and/or at risk for leaving Mason. To see past Patriot Success data, please visit the OIEP website at This data can be filtered by college, program, and/or demographics.

Patriot Success establishes connections with all undergraduate students and enables Mason to be proactive in our efforts to identify and support student needs. Navigate, Mason’s online tracking system, offers detailed information about the issues students are facing as well as a network for making referrals and sharing information across campus. This network includes academic advisors, success coaches, University Life professional and peer staff, faculty members, and peer advisors.

The fall survey is available to all undergraduate students now and will remain open through Sunday, October 4. Please encourage your student to take the Patriot Success survey. The direct survey link is

If you think your student would be assisted by a referral to the Patriot Success Team, please feel free to reach out to the leadership team for this initiative. They can be reached via or by calling Emilie Dubert at (703) 993-2174. Thank you for your support. These efforts will contribute to student success and to our overall retention.

Emilie Dubert
Contemporary Student Services

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