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Prepare your student for a safe and happy Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and while this time of year involves a lot of fun, there are some things your students should do to stay safe before going out with their friends. Below are a few safety measures for your student to consider before participating in Halloween events and activities:

Halloween/party safety tips for your student

  • Go with a group and leave with the same group. Keep an eye on friends and designate a place to meet after the event.
  • Have a reliable (and sober!) way back to the residence hall or apartment if going to a party or gathering with alcohol.
  • Eat and hydrate properly before the party.
  • Know their body’s limits. When they think it’s time to stop drinking – stop.
  • Stay alert and do not accept alcohol handouts.
  • Leave if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Avoid costumes that make them unrecognizable.
  • Don’t wear a costume that includes anything that could be confused with a real weapon.
  • Charge phone to full capacity.

Share these tips with your student to ensure that they stay safe and enjoy their Halloween experience. Also, check out this article at in the Huffington Post for more information and safety precautions for your student: How to Have Fun While Staying Safe at a College Halloween Party.

How to contact Mason Police
Mason Police’s non-emergency phone number is (703) 993-2810. Encourage your student to save this number in their phone. They should notify Mason Police, campus security, or a university employee of any individual who appears not to have legitimate business on campus or whose actions arouse suspicion or concern.

Students may request a security escort any time on campus by calling Mason Police at (703) 993-2810.

Download the new Emergency Preparedness App — RAVE GUARDIAN
Rave Guardian is a campus safety mobile application that enhances preparedness and safety on campus using interactive features and allowing students to create a virtual network of friends, family, and campus safety personnel. The application also includes anonymous, two-way crime reporting through text and picture messaging.

The application is available to all students with a university email address for free through the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

We encourage you to talk with your student about campus safety and personal preparedness. For more information and resources, visit or contact the Department of Police and Public Safety at (703) 993-2810. We also encourage you to view the Annual Security Report at

Lieutenant Michael Guston
Community Outreach Officer
George Mason University Police Department 

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