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Save the date for Sibs & Kid Weekend 2020!

On April 18-19, we invite Mason siblings and kids between ages 6-18 to campus for the 9th annual Sibs & Kids Weekend! Sibs & Kids Weekend is a great opportunity for siblings and kids to experience life on campus. Mason students are encouraged to invite their siblings, cousins and friends, and Mason faculty and staff members are encouraged to invite their children, nieces, nephews and neighbors.

Saturday, April 18 will be a day filled with events and activities. There will be specific programs for younger participants (ages 6-12), older participants (ages 13-18), as well as programming suitable for both age ranges.

If your Mason student lives on campus in a residence hall, older participants (ages 13-18) have the option to stay overnight with them. Families with younger participants (ages 6-12) are encouraged to arrange alternative overnight accommodations. We highly recommend using and using our corporate code “G57” to take advantage of our special Mason rates.

All family members are invited to join us on campus on Sunday, April 19 for breakfast. Family members who are not registered as Sibs & Kids Weekend participants (e.g. parents, grandparents, guardians, etc.) will be charged a small fee. Payment will be accepted on site.

Registration is set to launch February 10 at Registration and schedule information will be available on and also on our George Mason Family Programs Facebook page soon. Stay tuned for more Sibs & Kids Weekend updates! 

Amie Mbye
Graduate Assistant for Family Programs
New Student and Family Programs

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