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So the Career Fair is Over, Now What?

Career Fair

Did your student attend the Career Fair and is now wondering what his or her next steps are to secure a job or internship?  Please see below for some tips from University Career Services to get your student re-connected to employers:

1. Remember, career fairs are not the only way to find a job or internship. The number one way to find a job or internship is through networking. One way to do this is through creating and developing a professional online presence through LinkedIn.  Students can access the Getting LinkedIn to Your Network workshop in HireMason (Mason’s job and internship database) under the Resources tab in HireMason’s Document Library.

2. Follow up with employers. Encourage your student to reach out to any of the employers with whom they spoke to at the Career Fair.  Effective follow up includes referencing an aspect of the conversation they had with the employer at the fair and inquiring about the status of his or her application.

3. Prepare for interviews. You never know when your student will receive a phone call or email requesting an interview.  University Career Services has staff who can help your student practice his or her interview skills.  They also have an online system, Interview Stream, where your student can practice interviewing 24 hours a day week days a week.  Students can create a profile and start practicing today.

4. Manners matter.  It’s important any time your student communicates with an employer that they remember proper etiquette.  Whether it’s remembering to say “please” and “thank you,” or double checking spelling, punctuation and grammar in their email, the way students present themselves to employers is also part of the interview process.

5. Create a “Plan B.” Just in case your student’s first job or internship option does not come to fruition, encourage them to have a “Plan B.”  If your student is not sure what options to consider, he or she can make an appointment with their industry advisor at University Career Services.  Contact us at 703-993-2370 to make an appointment today!

Ann Mills
Associate Director, Career Development
University Career Services