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Student access to on-campus health care

Student Health Services’ dedicated staff provide accessible and affordable health care to all currently enrolled Mason students in a caring and confidential environment. Student Health has clinics at Fairfax, Arlington and Science and Technology campuses. Students can call the free nurse phone service operated by Optum (1-866-847-5338) for advice if Student Health is closed.

Student Health Services doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses have experience treating students who feel sick, have rashes, minor cuts and burns, sleep concerns, chronic health conditions, and more. Student Health offers diagnostic and preventive healthcare services including on-site lab testing, physical exams and health counseling. There is no charge to be seen by one of our providers. There are fees for lab tests, immunizations, medications, physicals and supplies.

Important Dates

August 23: Drop-In Immunization Clinic
To help students meet immunization requirements, enrolled students can drop into the clinic from 1-4 p.m. in SUB 1, Room 2300. Staff will assist you in reviewing shot records, completing your immunization form, administering missing vaccines, and ordering lab titers if appropriate. There are fees for services, clinic details Call 703-993-2135 to schedule routine immunization appointments.

 August 26: Immunization Record Form Deadline
All newly admitted or re-admitted students must submit the Mason Immunization Record Form by the first day of classes for the semester. Students can easily upload the form to the secure patient portal. Students can also mail or drop off the form at the Immunization Office. Records that are late or incomplete after the deadline are subject to an account hold and late fee. Visit for more information.

October 8: Flu Shot Clinics begin
Student Health Services offers flu shot clinics on each campus. Visit for a list of upcoming flu clinic dates.

How Student Health Services Can Help Your Student
We encourage students to make Student Health their first stop if they have a health concern, as there is no cost to be seen by a healthcare provider. Some services or procedures do have fees; we explain the cost of a service to students at their visit. Learn more at

Students can call 703-993-2831 or stop by the clinic to make an appointment. During fall and spring semesters, clinics are open in the evenings several nights a week and the Fairfax clinic is open Saturday mornings. Hours of operation are available at Students can walk into our clinics for acute or urgent illness or injuries and speak with a nurse. If Student Health is closed, students can call the after-hours Optum nurse service. More information at

Services and Specialty Clinics
In addition to treating illness and injury, Student Health offers a variety of services including:

  • ADD/ADHD Medication: When specific criteria are met, Student Health can provide follow-up appointments for the continuation of ADD/ADHD treatment. Learn more:
  • Allergy Clinic: If a student is currently receiving allergy shots, they may be able to continue this service at the Fairfax clinic. Learn more:
  • Behavioral Health: Providers evaluate, screen, and provide referrals for mental health and substance use concerns. Student Health uses a team-based approach to mental health care, which includes primary and behavioral healthcare providers. Student Health also works closely with Counseling and Psychological Services – the primary campus resource for counseling and psychiatric services.  Learn more:
  • Lab Services: Our medical technologist performs in-house tests or labs can be sent to LabCorp. Learn more:
  • Men’s Health Care: Our providers address health concerns affecting men. Learn more:
  • Physical Exams: Schedule appointments for annual physicals and for many required physicals, such as sports or nursing. Learn more:
  • Tobacco Cessation Program: Get one-on-one help to strategize a plan to help quit smoking or using tobacco. Learn more:
  • STI Screening and HIV Testing: Sexually Transmitted Infection testing for students, including a free HIV testing option. Learn more:
  • Travel Clinic: Receive needed immunizations and health info before traveling out of the country. Learn more:
  • Women’s Health Care:  Evaluate and treat concerns such as urinary tract infections and menstrual irregularities, and offer pap tests. Learn more:

Student Health Insurance Plan Option
The University has partnered with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources to administer the student health insurance plan and dental insurance plan. Student health insurance is available to all eligible undergraduate and graduate students who would like to enroll. Get details about eligibility, open enrollment, and more at

Connect with Student Health Services
Facebook: Mason Student Health 
Twitter: @HealthyMason
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