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Student Debt Memo

In this year’s session, the Virginia Legislature passed a law requiring all public higher education institutions in the Commonwealth to provide their current students with an annual update estimating their Federal education loans.

The Office of Student Financial Aid informed students about when and why they are receiving this update through campus communication channels in May.

You and your colleagues may get questions from students about this campaign, so please share this information with faculty and staff within your college who may be impacted.

Here are the resources that we are steering students toward to understand more about their Federal loan status:

1)  National Student Loan Data System (

Students can log on to this site to see their personal loan profile, including loan amounts, loan status, loan type, etc. Students will use their FSA ID to log into NSLDS. This will be the same FSA ID they use to complete their FAFSA.

2)  Office of Student Financial Aid website ( and phone number (703-993-2353).

If you have any questions, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at (703) 993-2353 or

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