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Summer storage for your student’s belongings

Students moving in to residence hallsAt The Mason UPS Store Print Center in Merten Hall on the Fairfax campus, we design our services to support your student and help them get the most out of their college experience! We offer longer hours that are convenient for your student, staying open until 8 p.m. Monday–Thursday, 6 p.m. on Friday, and from 9 a.m.–2 p.m. on Saturday.

We encourage you to consider storing your student’s belongings with The UPS Store this summer, rather than hauling it all home and back again in August. Here’s how it works:
Basics: The cost of storing five 18x18x16 boxes for the summer is $285. There are extra charges for more pieces, or oversized pieces. If only 4 boxes are used, and your student has a mini fridge, we count that as the fifth piece. We supply the first 5 boxes and a roll of tape at no cost, and any extra boxes or packaging must be purchased.
Signage and information: Signs advertising our Summer Storage program will be posted in the residence halls and around campus. There will be discounts for early sign-up!
Sign-up: Students can sign up for Summer Storage at any time at The UPS Store in Merten Hall, or at Payment can be made at the store, or you can call and pay over the phone with your credit card. Once payment is made, they will receive their boxes and tape, an inventory sheet to fill out while packing, and some packing tips.
Fragile items: If they store something fragile, like a TV, we must fragile pack it at an extra cost. If they still have the original box and packaging, and if the TV is part of the 5 boxes, there are no extra charges.
Move-out: We arrange a day and timeframe in which we will meet your student in front of the residence hall. We cannot go inside or up to the rooms. The boxes are picked up, loaded into containers, and stored in a secure warehouse in the area.
Storage: The boxes are safe in deep storage. Please note that once in storage, it is very difficult and costly to retrieve anything that has been accidently packed. Please remind your student to hold out anything they may need over the summer, such as a passport.
Move-in: At the time of sign-up, we ask which neighborhood your student will move into in August. When storage comes back to campus at the beginning of the fall semester, the boxes go into a secure room in each residential neighborhood for those who are moving into that neighborhood. The UPS Store will schedule pick-up times in each neighborhood and notify students via email. Students will come to their neighborhood during those times with a green bin, check out their boxes, and wheel them up to their room. For students moving off campus, their storage will be at our store for pick up.

The Mason UPS Store also offers printing services, business services, shipping and packaging, passport photos, and more. For more information about The UPS Summer storage program, or the wide variety of services offered, visit

Matt Monroe
Mason UPS Store