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Get to know Fairfax County, VA…in person or from your sofa! 

Welcome to Fairfax County
Visit Fairfax is the official Destination Marketing Organization for Fairfax County, and they have been letting people know what an awesome place this is for years. While they mainly focus their messaging to tourists, there’s always good stuff that Mason students (and their families) should know, too. Like where you can find the best new restaurants. What are the best things to do in the area. And, of course, fun local events. But now that Virginia and the rest of the country is in the midst of practicing safe distancing and staying closer to home, the need to keep our local and Mason communities informed and entertained is greater than ever.  

If you find yourself unable to make it to Fairfax County to explore the area right now, the good news is that they have made it easy to enjoy much of what the county offers from your own home. From virtual attractions and wellness options to boredom busters, they are still bringing you the resources to experience the best of what makes Fairfax County great. Of course, attractions, parks, and arts and culture venues would prefer to see you face-to-face. And they are doing what they can to keep you safe when you do visit. But until they have the chance to welcome you again in person, you can stay up to date by staying connected to Fairfax County using the links below. 

Find things to do on the blog.
Whether you’re looking for coffee shop recommendations, the best hiking trails, places to see the best fall foliage, or just find suggestions on the latest things to see and do, our blog is the place to start your search. Show me what’s happening. 

Follow Visit Fairfax on Facebook.
Keep tabs on the latest happenings throughout the county and find inspiration for your next trip to the area by connecting on Facebook. Follow for some fun. 

Check out Visit Fairfax on Instagram.
Their account highlights the best of what people across Fairfax County are doing and seeing, and it delivers you inspirational images to plan your next Insta-worthy excursion. See the best photo spots in Fairfax County.

Patrick Lennon
Director of Marketing
Visit Fairfax

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