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Welcome from the Parent and Family Council!

Greetings Mason parents and family members, and congratulations to your student! The Mason Parent and Family Council welcomes you to the Mason Family community.

The Council is made up of about 20 volunteer parents with a singular goal: to help Mason parents of undergraduate students. We serve as ambassadors for Mason, actively engaging with the broader Mason community. We participate in various university meetings and summits to provide the parent perspective.

All of us on the Council have been in your shoes — parents of a new student to Mason, with myriad questions and concerns. And we are here to help. We want to help you build meaningful Mason connections while your student does the same. Normally you’d find us on campus during Mason orientation, move-in day, family weekend and other campus activities. This year with all the challenges surrounding Covid-19, we won’t be as visible on campus, but we are still behind the scenes, virtually meeting with administration and parents.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to join our Facebook group, George Mason Family Association. You’ll find a dynamic and supportive family-to-family community, with files, photos, videos and more to help you navigate and share your Mason experience. In addition to relevant discussion threads, there are tons of resources about move in, parking passes, immunization records and more, along with photo albums filled with specific measurements for each residence hall.

One of our other Council initiatives is the Parents Fund, which helps Mason parents improve the educational experience for many Mason students. The fund directly benefits students through initiatives such as a campus food pantry and gowns for grads. It supports students who take on unpaid internships and brings award-winning projects and workshops to campus. The Parents Fund has even financed the purchase of a couple boats for students to enjoy much needed nature breaks on a nearby lake!

Again, welcome to Mason Nation. We are so glad you’re here.

Your Mason Parent and Family Council

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