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Career Fair 2018
The spring semester has just begun, and internships and full-time positions are opening up at a fast pace! The education, health, professional and business sectors are particularly strong in recruiting, as well as anything related to technology and engineering. The fall brought record numbers of employers to campus to recruit with many other employers waiting for a spot at the Career Fair and other recruiting events. Make sure your student takes advantage of all the employers visiting campus this spring.

The Career Fair is on Wednesday, February 21-Thursday, February 22. We have a tremendous range of national, regional and local employers planning to attend. Some examples are E*Trade Financial, Fairfax County HR, General Dynamics, Teach for America, FDA, Peace Corps and FireEye. In addition, a range of financial services companies will be recruiting, as well as many government agencies and nonprofits from around the D.C. metro area.

A lot of employers are hiring for a range of positions, so it is important for students to attend both days. Encourage your student to check out the list of participants before attending so they can see who is coming and what positions they are recruiting for. Employers will use the fair for different purposes. Some will promote their online application tools, while others will take resumes and conduct screening interviews.

How can you help your student prepare to meet employers? Here are our top tips for family members:
• Encourage your student to have their resume reviewed by University Career Services, as well as attend a preparation event to practice speaking with employers. Check out the events calendar for event dates at
• Urge your student to come to the Career Fair professionally dressed to make a strong first impression. A suit is recommended.
• Ask your student to pick out six to eight companies to research before the fair.

Employers do not like being asked what they do! They expect students to know this information. The list of participating employers is available in HireMason and on

University Career Services is available to prepare and connect career-ready students for post-graduate success. Make sure your student is making the most of this resource by using it early and often!

Bernadette Davey
Career Fair Manager
University Career Services