Connect with Mason Families!

Mason Madness

Although many students are off for the summer, Orientation and Family Programs and Services is in full swing preparing to welcome new students and families to Mason! Whether you are new to the Mason Family Association, or have been a member of our network for some time, we recognize the important role you play in your student’s success and want to provide ways to connect you not only with Mason, but with one another.

Ask a Patriot Parent Email-
Last winter we launched the email address as a new way for you to connect with a current Mason parent to ask questions that would be most helpful from a parent perspective. Members of the Mason Parent and Family Council, a group of parent volunteers, respond to each email sent to and are excited to share their experiences with current and prospective families.

Social Media- #askpafc
In addition to connecting with a member of the Mason Parent and Family Council, we want to create an interactive opportunity for virtual conversation among Mason families. Throughout our summer orientation sessions as well as into the fall semester, we will be encouraging families to share their questions on Facebook using #askpafc! We hope this will provide a space conversation and provide everyone with the opportunity to ask questions and share helpful tips.

How it works: Using a hashtag on Facebook or Twitter allows followers to sort a page and look for common topics or themes. If you have a question you would like members of our Mason Parent and Family Council to respond to, include #askpafc and a member(s) of the Council will engage with you on Facebook. Beginning this conversation on social media will allow other Mason families to see common questions and weigh in! See below for an example:

My family is planning to attend Family Weekend in October. What was your favorite event during Family Weekend? #askpafc

We hope these tools provide you with a way to stay in touch with us, and each other, throughout the summer and semester!

Kristen Wright
Graduate Assistant
Family Programs and Services