UNIV 100: An Introduction to Mason Course


If your student is registered for UNIV 100 then he or she can look forward to joining a wonderful community of like-minded students this fall! If your student has not yet registered for UNIV 100 but would like to do so, there are still a limited number of spots available, which students can register for via

UNIV 100 is a discussion-based 1-credit course specifically designed for first-year students to make for a smooth transition to the Mason community. These classes are co-taught by a faculty member and an upper-class peer advisor, and only enroll about 20 students each, allowing students to build a strong network with their fellow classmates. The Center for Academic Advising, Retention, and Transitions also offers a variety of UNIV courses and programs at the 100-400 levels. These include freshman/transfer transition, academic success, peer leadership, career education, and research and scholarly activities. There are plenty of options for your student to enroll in a course throughout their time at Mason.

For more information, please visit our website or contact Jackie Nash at or 703-993-2470.

Jeannie Brown Leonard, PhD
Dean of Student Academic Advising, Retention and Transitions