Your Student’s Well-Being

Initiated in 2009, the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being is an interdisciplinary research and teaching center at George Mason University dedicated to enhancing your student’s well-being. The Center aims to help students build a foundation of well-being by enabling them to:

  • Experience a deepening sense of personal meaning in their lives
  • Increase their ability to creatively solve problems
  • Become more resilient and develop a greater capacity to respond to challenging and stressful situations
  • Build and deepen meaningful, supportive relationships

To help you support your student’s well-being, we have complied a few of Mason’s well-being resources below:

Mason Core Engagement Series
The Mason Core Engagement Series is a part of the Patriot Experience and is an optional pathway for students interested in combining academic coursework with co-curricular activities in a specific area of engagement. Those who complete a pathway will earn a completion certificate that is recognized on the student’s academic transcript and honored at graduation. The Engagement Series in Well-being offers courses that contribute significantly to students’ understanding and practice of well-being to build a life of vitality, purpose and resilience. For more information about the Patriot Experience and the various pathways offered, click here.

StrengthsFinder Assessment
The Clifton StrengthsFinder is a web-based assessment of personality that identifies a person’s dominant talents. The assessment became available to all Mason students for free in 2014, and since, over 12,000 members of the Mason community have completed it. Once students have identified their unique strengths, they are encouraged to set goals around those strengths and leverage them in their daily life to develop them further. For more information about Mason’s commitment to Strengths, click here.

Weekly Well-Being Practices
In an effort to contribute to the well-being of Mason’s community, the Center offers a free weekly well-being practice that helps students manage stress while improving focus and attention. These practices enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and build an excellent foundation for a flourishing life. For more information about Mason’s weekly well-being practices, click here.

We value your student’s well-being and serve as a resource for you as you support your student during their college experience. For a comprehensive look at the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being’s resources, visit our website and “like us” on Facebook.

Whitney Hopler
Communications Coordinator
Center for the Advancement of Well-Being