Career development opportunities for your student

Fall 2016 Career Fair
A full house of employers is expected for the 2017 Fall Career Fair on October 4-5 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. in Dewberry Hall of the Johnson Center. Employer and student attendance at our fairs is at record levels! Don’t let your student miss out on networking with more than 200 employers.

A range of national, regional and local employers are expected, including Accenture, Amazon, General Dynamics, Capital One, Raytheon, SAIC, Booz Allen and other major employers from around the Northern Virginia area. Many federal and local government agencies are also registered, including the NSA, U.S. State Department, U.S. Dept. of Energy and Environment, FDA, Patent and Trademark Office and several branches of Fairfax County Government. Nonprofits, including several prominent think tanks from around the D.C. region are well represented among the employers attending.

Although the focus of the first day is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and the second day is Business, Public Service and Nonprofit, many employers are hiring for a range of positions, so it is important for students to attend both days.

All students, from freshmen to seniors and recent graduates, are encouraged to attend the fair. Attendees can expect to be exposed to various career options and learn about the hiring needs of employers in their industry of interest. At the fair, many employers promote their online application tools, while some accept resumes and a few conduct screening interviews.

How can you help your student perform a self-evaluation before meeting employers? Here are our top tips for parents and families:
• Encourage your student to attend a preparation event before the Career Fair to practice speaking with employers and to have their resume reviewed. View the events calendar:
• Suggest they attend the Career Fair professionally dressed to make a strong first impression. Learn more about preparation:
• Students are invited to JC Penney at the Fair Oaks Mall from 7-10 p.m. on October 1 for nearly 70% off all professional dress! Encourage your student to stock up on business casual essentials and suits. JC Penney is opening especially for Mason students, faculty, staff and alumni. There will be prizes! Find out more:
• Ask your student to research 6-8 companies before attending the fair. Employers do not like being asked what they do! They expect students to know this information. The list of participating employers is available within your student’s HireMason account, which can be accessed by clicking on the HireMason button on the top right of

Finally, we are here to prepare and connect career-ready students for post-graduate success. Make sure your student is making the most of this excellent Mason resource by using it early and often!

Carolyn Kleiman
Career Counselor
University Career Services


Student access to high quality health care

Student Health Center
Student Health Services’ dedicated physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses provide accessible and affordable health care to all enrolled Mason students in a caring and confidential environment. Student Health has clinics at Fairfax, Arlington and Science and Technology campuses. A free nurse advice phone service (703-993-2831) is available when the clinics are closed.

Student Health Services’ providers offer care for a range of health needs, including infections, illness, minor injuries and burns, chronic health issues and sleep concerns. We also offer diagnostic and preventive healthcare services. There is no charge to be seen by one of our providers. There are fees for lab tests, medications, procedures, physicals and supplies.

Important Dates
October 1: Immunization Record Form Deadline
All new students, both freshman and transfer, must submit the immunization record form by October 1. Mail, fax, email or drop off the form at the Immunization Office. Records that are late or incomplete after the deadline are subject to an account hold and late fee. Visit our immunization webpage at for more information.

October 12: Flu Shot Clinics begin
Student Health Services offers flu shot clinics on each campus. As a part of Family Weekend on Friday, November 10, if you are 18 years of age or older, you will be able to get your flu shot with Student Health Services. Visit for a list of all upcoming flu clinic dates.

How Student Health Services Can Help Your Student
We encourage students to make Student Health their first stop if they have a health concern, as there is no cost to be seen by a healthcare provider. Some of our services or procedures do have fees; we explain the cost of a service to students at their visit. Learn more at

For a non-urgent need, students can call (703) 993-2831 or stop by the clinic to make an appointment. Clinics are open in the evenings several nights a week and the Fairfax clinic is open on Saturday. The hours of operation and locations are available at

Students can walk-in to our clinics for acute or urgent illness or injuries. If a student is feeling unwell after hours, they can call our free nurse advice service (703-993-2831). The nurse will give advice and tell the student what they can do. More information is listed at

Services and Specialty Clinics
In addition to treating illness and injury, Student Health offers a variety of services including:

ADD/ADHD Medication: When specific criteria are met, Student Health can provide follow-up appointments for the continuation of ADD/ADHD treatment. Learn more:
Allergy Clinic: If a student is currently receiving allergy shots, they may be able to continue this service at the Fairfax clinic. Learn more:
Health and Wellness Counseling: Providers are happy to discuss any health concern or question. Learn more:
Immunizations & Flu Shots
Lab Services: Testing is done in the clinic by a medical technologist or sent to LabCorp. Learn more:
Men’s Health Care: Our providers can address health concerns affecting men. Learn more:
Physical Exams: Offer annual physicals and can perform many required physicals, such as for sports or nursing. Learn more:
Smoking Cessation Program: Get one-on-one help to strategize a plan to help quit tobacco. Learn more:
STI Screening and HIV Testing: Sexually Transmitted Infection testing for students, including a free HIV testing option. Learn more:
Travel Clinic: Receive needed immunizations and health info before traveling out of the country. Learn more:
Women’s Health Care: Offer pap tests, and evaluation and treatment of concerns such as urinary tract infections and menstrual irregularities. Learn more:

Connect with Student Health Services
Facebook: Mason Student Health
Twitter: @HealthyMason
Listserv: HealthyMason-L (Select the Student Health Services listserv and click subscribe)

Erin Harpine
Patient Care Advocate & Special Projects Coordinator
Student Health Services


Talk to your student about making healthy choices

Students attending the homecoming 2017 block party.
Although your student may be away from home now, you can still encourage him or her to make healthy and responsible choices around alcohol and drugs.

Talking with your student about alcohol is not as difficult as you may think. Try using a non-judgmental tone to ask questions to help your student reflect on his or her choices. For example, “What’s your plan for getting to and from the party?” versus “Make sure you have a designated driver.” Or “What happens to students if they are caught drinking?” versus “You know you will get into a lot of trouble if you are caught.” You may find that your student is more receptive to engaging in this type of conversation when using this approach.

As you may have experienced, “lectures” tend to shut down communication with your student. Use open-ended questions that help your student think and problem-solve out loud about how they plan to handle situations regarding alcohol at college.

Some conversation-starters include:
• Ask your student about his or her plans for free time and express curiosity about other events happening on campus and in the surrounding areas. Refer your student to departments like Mason Recreation and Student Involvement and lists of events like Get Connected and Today at Mason. View more ideas and resources:
• If your student is considering being present at off-campus parties, share tips on safer transportation options. Learn more:
• Talk about the concept of “consent” (what it is, why you need it and how you get it), regardless of your student’s gender
• Encourage your student to review websites of various campus resources for suggestions and services. Start here:

While most students drink responsibly, high-risk drinking is an alarming problem on college campuses. Parents and family members can help especially during those critical first weeks. Here are some resources with information and talking points for starting a family discussion about college drinking:
• Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility’s “Parents, You’re Not Done Yet
• National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s “Fall Semester – A Time for Parents to Revisit Discussions About College Drinking

Other ideas to consider:
• Encourage your student to research the impact of alcohol on the body and one’s overall wellbeing.
• Acknowledge your student’s rights and responsibilities to make decisions and also point out the consequences associated with those decisions (including family, university, financial and legal consequences)
• Inform your student of any family history of substance abuse and, if so, the associated risk for developing substance-related problems.
• Ask your student about his or her goals and suggest he or she reflect on how choices can impact those goals.
• Be selective about sharing your own past substance use. The “wild and crazy” stories tend to glamorize drinking and may end up encouraging your student to continue the “family tradition” of partying hard.
• If you have a concern, let your student know explicitly and directly, “I am concerned about your alcohol and/or drug use.” You can also encourage your student to consult a health professional and/or campus resources like the Student Support and Advocacy Center and Student Health Services to discuss further.

We encourage you to talk with your student about healthy relationships, drug and alcohol use, and sexual health. For more information on resources provided to students and families, visit or contact the Student Support and Advocacy Center at (703) 993-3686.

John Cicchetti and Kathryn Walker
Assistant Directors
Student Support and Advocacy Center


How can your student join a fraternity or sorority?

Welcome Week Step Expo
Has your student expressed interest in learning more about Fraternity and Sorority Life at Mason? If so, you may have questions about what types of organizations comprise the Mason Greek community. Fraternity and Sorority Life has been a dynamic part of the Mason community and student life since its inception. Beginning with two fraternities and one sorority, our community has grown to include four councils that are comprised of 39 Greek letter organizations with a diverse population of more than 1,800 students.

The fraternity and sorority community at Mason prides itself on teaching the pillars of leadership, service, philanthropy, friendship and scholarship. Last year, our members reported over 8,200 hours of service and were afforded the opportunity to participate in an alternative spring break trip. In addition, Mason fraternity and sorority members participate in and host a variety of activities that directly reflect our core values. Our students are leaders across campus in various roles including Student Government, Resident Assistants, Patriot Leaders and officers in more than 350 student organizations.

Membership in a fraternity or sorority organization is based on scholarship, leadership and community service. Fraternities and sororities host membership recruitment events and information sessions during the fall semester, which provide students with an opportunity to explore the organizations and get to know the members.

If your student is looking for a well-rounded collegiate experience, encourage him or her to consider membership in our fraternities and sororities! For more information about which Fraternity and Sorority Life organizations are active at Mason and to find out how your student can join one of these organizations, visit

Phil McDaniel
Associate Director
Student Involvement