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How Full Is Your Bucket? – Mason Reads 2014

BucketAs the debate regarding the return on investment of college rages on, Mason continues to put its focus on creating successful lives for students. For Mason, this goal goes beyond fostering academic success, but creating a life of resiliency, purpose, and vitality leading to overall well-being. As a model well-being university, Mason is committed to educational, co-curricular, and professional development experiences to provide all community members the opportunity to flourish.

Incoming freshmen learn new ways to increase their personal and community well-being through the Mason Reads common reading program. At orientation, every incoming freshman received a copy of the New York Times bestseller How Full Is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton. Students are encouraged to read the book before coming back to Mason this fall and be prepared for a variety of programs and activities that will incorporate the book’s themes into University 100 courses, residence hall programs, living-learning communities, programs for off-campus students, leadership development opportunities, University Career Services events, and more!

Families have the opportunity to connect with their student by reading the book themselves and “filling their students’ buckets” through encouragement and positivity. Remind your student to read the book and use the study guide at to engage with your student in discussions around the common read.

This fall Mason will provide your student with access to StrengthsFinder, an assessment created by scientists at Gallup to help individuals learn about their top five strengths,ways to develop their talents, and how to utilize those talents in whatever they do. These strengths can be used in choosing the right major, finding the right career, and contributing to the overall happiness and success of your student. Family members may access their own StrengthsFinder Assessment at and compare their strengths with those of their Mason student.

For more information, connect with us through Facebook at Mason Reads or on the web at

Emilie Dubert
Interim Associate Director
Off-Campus Student Programs and Services