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The UPS Store: Summer Storage and Much More


The UPS Store in University Hall is a great resource for your student during the school term. Not only do we pack and ship, but we also print projects and reports, offer notary services, take passport photos, and much more!  Remind your student to stop by and ask what we can do for him or her.

Although this semester has just begun, it won’t be long until we’re thinking of spring.  Some students will be graduating, while others will be making plans to return to Mason in August.

If your student will be returning in the fall, please know that we offer a Summer Storage program that will lessen the stress of moving out in May and moving in during August.  Through the Summer Storage program we will store your student’s belongings so he or she doesn’t have to take it home in May just to bring it back in August!

During the month of March we will post advertisements around campus encouraging students to utilize the Summer Storage program.  There will be a discount offered to those who sign up early, so encourage your student to be on the lookout for this information.  We will also be providing more information through an upcoming Mason Family Flash with complete pricing details.

Once the registration period begins later in the semester, your student will have the opportunity to sign up for the storage program via The UPS Store GMU Storage website, or by visiting us in University Hall, located on the Fairfax campus.  When your student visits the store to make his or her payment, he or she will receive storage boxes, a roll of tape, an inventory sheet, and a list of packing tips.  If your student will be storing a fragile item, such as a TV, we can fragile pack it at an extra cost.  At the time of payment we will ask all residential students which neighborhood they will be moving into in August and their items will be delivered directly to their residence hall!

During residence hall move-out in May, we offer a pick up service where your student can simply leave the boxes in front of his or her door and we will take care of transporting and unloading them into our safe and secure warehouse.

Please note that once the boxes are in storage, it is very difficult (and costly) to retrieve anything that has been accidentally packed.  Please remind your student to be careful in packing and hold anything out he or she may need during the summer, such as passports and other important documents.

In August, residential students will have the opportunity to pick up all belongings within their neighborhood during move-in.  There will be an assigned room in each residential neighborhood where storage items are held for pick up.  As the summer winds down your student will receive an email with details providing information on their pick-up location and the best times to sign out their storage items.  If your student needs help getting his or her items to their room our staff will be available to assist them.

If you or your student have questions about the Summer Storage program or any other services we provide, email us at or call us at 703.865.5544.

Ilka Lazaroff
The UPS Store, Fairfax Campus