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Has Your Student Voted Yet?

The Patriot Experience is Mason’s co-curricular program designed to help students find their areas of interest outside the classroom while maximizing their student experience at Mason. The Patriot Experience is a self-paced program where students get to choose to explore their interests from three different categories: Design Your Dream Career, Change the World, Live Your Best Life. The Patriot Experience provides amazing opportunities to grow and become a well-rounded student outside of the classroom and find your place within the Mason community and beyond. 

The 2020 Presidential Election is in full swing and we want to support and acknowledge your participation in it. From now till Nov 15th, the Patriot Experience and Mason Votes track is live on Mason360. To participate in this challenge, just complete three items from the special edition 2020 Election Track. Choose to complete items from attending election-related events within the Mason community, to sharing selfies with your “I voted” sticker! Once you complete three items within the 2020 Election Track, you will be eligible for incentives and swag, as well as completing an item in the Change the World Track.  

For more information, e-mail

Wai Ling Fong
Graduate Assistant
Patriot Experience

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