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Learn How to Be a Leader

Encourage your student to register for the Mason Emerging Leaders Program
Is your student looking for ways to enhance their person and professional leadership skills, build a relationship network with students and staff, and challenging themselves to learn new things? If so, then the Mason Emerging Leaders Program is a great professional development opportunity.

The Emerging Leaders Program is an 8-week course designed to introduce leadership topics to a cohort of new and beginning leaders. Topics include leadership styles, communication, understanding of values, team building, group dynamics, identity development, and much more.

Students who participate in the Emerging Leaders Program will:

  • Identify possible leadership involvement opportunities at Mason
  • Establish and build a relationship network with students, faculty, and staff
  • Locate activities and programming on campus and within the LEAD Office to enhance leadership development
  • Define at least one of the Mason Leads Core values and it’s importance to your leadership practice
  • Articulate a way in which you can apply what you have learned in the Emerging Leaders Program in your everyday leadership practice

For more information and to RSVP, visit

Lisa Snyder
Associate Director
Leadership Education and Development

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