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Study abroad – is it for your student?

At George Mason, studying abroad has become an integral part of a Mason education. Two factors distinguish Mason’s study abroad programs from those of our peers: affordability and choice. In many programs offered through Mason’s Global Education Office (GEO) students are actually able to save money by studying abroad.

GEO has a growing number of exchange partnerships on every continent (except Antarctica) where students are able to pursue their studies in nearly every discipline offered on Mason’s various campuses. Indeed, students are never more than an email, phone call, or office visit away from learning about all of GEO’s exciting study abroad opportunities.

A plethora of programs
In addition to visiting exciting places, study abroad is an integrated classroom experience that can include volunteering, internships, and directed travel, as long as learning goals drives these activities. Study abroad opportunities are available for many different majors and programs of study. For example, Mason’s bioengineering program has mapped a curricular match with the University Carlos III of Madrid with courses taught in English. Mason students at the College of Science have the opportunity to sign up for a Geology Field Camp in Italy, and students in the School of Business attend the University of Mannheim, the #1 business school in Germany.

Study Abroad is affordable
Although you and your student may think that study abroad is out of reach due to financial burdens, many program costs are equivalent to the cost-of-attendance at Mason. Financial aid and scholarships can be applied toward the expense of study abroad, and additional scholarships and travel grants are available.

Safety is a priority
If you and your student are worried about safety, we want to assure you that studying abroad is a great way to be independent in the world without being alone. Protocols are in place to put programs with experts before they go. Your student will be prepared with information on how to stay as safe as possible while abroad. Emergency medical insurance is purchased to cover emergency medical care and evacuation in the case of medical concerns, natural disasters or other crises. Many programs are faculty-led, so a trusted advisor is there to guide students.

Learn more
Visit the Global Education Office (GEO) online at or email to schedule a time to stop by the GEO office in the Johnson Center, Room 235. Your student can also attend George Mason University’s Study Abroad Fair on Thursday, February 13 from 11:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. in the Johnson Center, Dewberry Hall.

Achim Loch
Senior Marketing and Outreach Specialist
Global Education Office

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