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If you are faculty or staff at Mason and are looking for resources for you and your family, please visit Human Resources.

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Student-Parent Working Group

The Student-Parent Working Group is comprised of staff, faculty, and students who provide leadership in the establishment of long-term direction, scope, and vision to advance programs and services offered to parenting and expecting students at George Mason University. This Group advocates for parenting and expecting student equity through seeking sustainable resources, appealing for specialized supports, gathering pertinent data to inform recommendations, and creating awareness throughout the university.

If you are interested in joining the Student-Parent Working Group please contact Emilie Dubert, Director of Contemporary Student Services at edubert@gmu.edu.

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Parents and Primary Caregiver Accommodations:

Our institution values diversity and inclusion, and this includes supporting students who also have parenting and family caregiver responsibilities.  Parents and primary caregivers often have additional complications that sometimes make it difficult to attend class, such as morning sickness or late school openings, childcare emergencies, etc.  If one of these situations will make it impossible for you to attend class, please let your instructor know about the situation and provide documentation as soon as possible, and these situations will be treated as documented excused absences.  If you have a childcare emergency and you think you and your child can manage it, you may bring your child to class; please sit near the door so you can easily step outside if your child needs special attention and is disrupting learning for other students, and return once your child’s needs have been met. Students who are pregnant or parenting should consult this university resource for guidance: https://masonfamily.gmu.edu/student-parents/